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Perfect for plasterers

The plasterer’s platform offers a spacious work platform for plasterers or other professionals. This room scaffold features a work height of 3 metres or higher and is perfect for ceiling works. It offers enough room for materials and tools. Suitable for professional use. Equipped with wheels, the scaffold is easy to move around and treat the entire room. Made of high-grade aluminium.

  • Developed for plasterers

  • TÜV certified

  • Professional use

Available in 2 versions, 1 with a low and one with a high work platform. Separate support brackets are available to turn your existing room scaffolds and floors into a large work platform.

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Plasterer's platform

Available in different dimensions

Below, you will find the various sizes of the plasterer’s platform in different dimensions and heights.

Work height
Article no
Work platform 190 x 340 cm
3 + metres
Work platform 190 x 400 cm
3 + meters
Work platform 190 x 455 cm
3 + meters
Work platform low 190 x 340 cm
max 3 meters
Work platform low 190 x 400 cm
max 3 meters
Work platform low 190 x 455 cm
max 3 meters
Support bracket set

Plasterer's platform

Versions and extensions

Plasterer's platform

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