Room scaffold CT36

Room scaffold CT36

For heavy-duty professional works

This aluminum heavy duty room scaffold from Euroscaffold has a robust, professional look. This room scaffold with a work height of 3 or 4 metres is perfect for heavy-duty works and professional use. If you are using heavy-duty materials and tools, the CT36 room scaffold is your best option. The scaffold is made of high-grade aluminium.

  • Heavy-duty room scaffold

  • TÜV certified

  • Professional use

Available in working heights of 3 and 4 metres.

EuroscaffoldKamersteiger CT36
Room scaffold CT36

Available in various work heights

Below, you will find the various sizes for this room scaffold in different work heights.

Frame width 75 cm

75 cm wide
Work height
Article no
CT36 Complete
3 meters
CT36 complete with hatch
3 meters
CT36 4m work height
4 meters
Quickstab stabiliser
CT36 Kamersteiger
Room scaffold CT36
Room scaffold CT36

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