Room scaffolds

User friendly and robust

Room scaffolds by Euroscaffold are user friendly and robust. Allowing you to work at height efficiently and safely. Made of durable and lightweight aluminium These scaffolds are quick and easy to assemble. Room scaffolds by Euroscaffold meet the applicable regulations for portable climbing equipment, EN 1004 and EN 1298. They also come with a TÜV certificate.

  • Safe for working at height

  • Suitable for everyday use

  • Professional quality

Room scaffolds

4 Versions

Kamersteiger Compact

This compactaluminium scaffold has a very compact size and can be assembled within a minute.

  • For small spaces

  • Easy to transport

  • Width 150 cm

  • Extendible height

Euroscaffold kamersteiger EVO

Our classic! Get any chore around the house done with this basic model with a work height of 3 m.

  • For the DIY user

  • In and around the house

  • Width 190 cm

  • Non-extendible

Kamersteiger CT26

Use this room scaffold any way you like and adjust its configuration to the task at hand.

  • Professional use

  • Frame sizes 75, 90, 135

  • Width 190 cm

  • Extendible height

Kamersteiger CT36
CT 36
Opt for this all-rounder for your heavy-duty indoor works. Can be extended to a work height of over 7 metres.
  • Professional use

  • Frame sizes 75, 90, 135

  • Width 190 cm

  • Extendible height

Room scaffolds

veilig opbouwen en gebruiken

Conform EN1004 
Kamersteiger EN1004

Keep the following in mind;

  • Use stabilisers

  • Use sideboards

  • Use rails

Quickstab stabilisatoren

Kamersteiger Quickstab_

Unique stabilisers for room scaffolds

  • Quick assembly

  • Entirely EN1004 compliant

Extra options

In dimensions and assembly


Available in frame widths 75, 90of 135 cm with Extrusionconnecting pin. Enlarge the work surface by choosing a wider frame size.

Kamersteiger frame breedte

Enlarge the work range by building on the foundation of the room scaffold. The work height of the Combi, CT26and the CT36can be extended. The CT26 can even be extended to a work height of 7 metres.

Room scaffolds

Extra options

Room scaffolds

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