Roof and chimney scaffold

Roof and chimney scaffold

Working at height safely

Will you be working on the ridge of your roof or perhaps on the chimney? Opt for the safety of a Euroscaffold roof scaffold, also known as a chimney scaffold. This scaffold stabilises your position while working on a sloping roof at height. The scaffold is simple and quick to install on roofs with a slope of 30 to 60 degrees. What length the roof and chimney scaffold should have is up to you. We offer the following platform length options: 190 cm, 250 cm and 305 cm. The more work surface you want to create, the longer the platform length should be.

The Euroscaffold scaffold complies with the NEN-EN 1004 class 3 scaffold standard. The scaffold platform has a maximum load capacity of over 200 kg. As such, it can support 2 people at the same time. The scaffold can be used both indoor and out.

  • Working at height with stability and safety

  • Easy to attach to the ridge

  • Can be assembled by 1 person

  • Scaffold platform suitable for 2 people

Roof and chimney scaffold

Various versions

Below, you will find the various sizes and separate parts.

Product number
Roof and chimney scaffold 190
Roof and chimney scaffold 250
Roof and chimney scaffold 305
Roof stabiliser with protective rubber
Adjustable support bracket
Aluminium scaffold ladder with connecting pin
Ridge hook
Roof and chimney scaffold

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