Mobile scaffold

Mobile scaffolds

Professional mobile scaffold sets

Mobile scaffolds by Euroscaffold are user friendly and robust. Allowing you to work at height efficiently and safely. Made of durable and lightweight aluminium . The mobile scaffolds are easy to set up within a couple of minutes. The mobile scaffolds meet applicable regulations for portable climbing equipment and come with an EN 1004, 1298 and TÜV certificate.

  • Professional quality

  • Safe for working at height

  • Suitable for everyday use

Mobile scaffolds

3 Assembly methods

1. Standard with struts, against the facade
  • Against the façades with standard struts

  • Classic assembly with struts

  • Placement against the façade

  • Use the Vario front railing for EN1004-compliant construction

2. One-sided front railing, against facade
  • Against the façades with one-sided front railing

  • Assembly with front railing

  • Placement against the façade, also known as façade-free

  • Entirely EN1004 compliant

3. Two-sided front railing, stand-alone assembly
  • Stand-alone assembly with two-sided front railings

  • Assembly with front railing

  • Placement against the façade

  • Entirely EN1004 compliant


In dimensions and assembly

Available in frame widths 75, 90 or 135 with Extrusion or Euro connecting pin. Solid aluminium profiles of 51×2 mm and round welds ensure strong constructions.

The straight extrusion pin (EXT for short) is secured with a separate locking clip. After assembling an assembly frame, the locking clips must be inserted through the upright and the pin, and locked.


The conic Europin is self-locking. The Europin is locked with the integrated locking pin. After an assembly frame is assembled, the pin locks into the assembled assembly frame. The Europin stands for super quick assembly and disassembly.

Walk-through frames

Assembly frames

Available in the frame widths 75, 90 or 135 with Extrusion or Euro connecting pin When the scaffold is positioned on a thoroughfare or when a passage needs to be created, the standard assembly frame is replaced with a walk-through frame.

Available in platform lengths 190, 250 or 305 cm with or without a hatch and with a wooden concrete plywood or lightweight carbon deck.
Both come with a safe non-skid top layer. The platforms come with storm protection on both sides.
For narrower scaffolds (75 or 90 cm), each platform is required to be fitted with a hatch.

Mobile scaffolds

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