Innovative aluminium safety solutions

Euroscaffold develops custom innovative aluminium safety solutions. The aim: to make working and residing at height safer. With that, we provide a safe work situation or offer safe access to buildings, façades and machines. We develop, produce and install these custom products. Examples include:

  • Cage ladders

  • Roof edge protection

  • Work platforms

Euroscaffold - innovatieve, aluminium veiligheidsoplossingen
Euroscaffold kooiladder silo

Cage ladders

Cage ladders are permanent access ladders surrounded by a safety cage. A safety cage is mandatory for gaps exceeding 3 metres. Cage ladders are deployed as fall protection and escape ladders.

Euroscaffold can provide the following custom cage ladders:

  • Cage ladders for roof access

  • Cage ladders for shafts, manholes and silos

  • Cage ladders (or escape ladders) as emergency exit/escape route

  • Permanent hanging ladders and façade maintenance installations

  • Maintenance bridges, window washer bridges and work platforms

The cage ladders consist of aluminium profiles and come fitted with non-skid steps. Any version is possible, based on your wishes and the situation at your company. The cage ladders can be staggered and interrupted with intermediate platforms.

Each cage ladder is made with user-friendliness and your safety as well as that of your employees in mind Available in many different versions. You can choose your own colour, for example, and the cage ladder can be executed in wear-resistant powder coating.

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Protect roof edge protection

Under the name ‘ProTect roof edge protection’, Euroscaffold guarantees the highest degree of safety on flat and slightly sloping roofs.

When it comes to roof protection, we developed several ProTect systems that can be fully customised to your situation. Depending on your wishes, the aesthetic look of your building, you can opt for a permanent or a foldable setup.
  • Permanent fixed railing systems

  • Permanent foldable railing systems

  • Non-permanent systems for incidental maintenance

Of course, all ProTect systems are inspected annually by an independent body and are in full compliance with:
  • NEN EN 13374

  • NEN EN 14122-3

  • ARBO Policy rule 3.16

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Euroscaffold: ProTect dakrandbeveiliging
Euroscaffold werkbordessen


Work platforms

Euroscaffold makes custom work platforms.

Customisation options include the width of the steps, the length of the platform and the slope angle of the stairs. Of course, you can count on our expertise and be sure that your custom work platform meets all safety prescriptions.
You can choose between a:
  • Fixed work platform

  • Mobile work platform

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Made in the Netherlands

The customised aluminium is made in the Netherlands at our factory in Krommenie. As a Dutch manufacturer, we know the market like the palm of our hand. This allows us to meet all stringent safety prescriptions that apply in the Netherlands and Europe.

At Euroscaffold, your safety upon entering constructions and working at height is always guaranteed. Plus, each safety solution has a long lifespan as it is made of high-grade aluminium.
Euroscaffold: Aluminium maatwerk van Nederlandse bodem