Own production

What requirements do our products meet?

Aluminium mobile scaffolds, scaffold trailers, room scaffolds, ladders and stairs. Euroscaffold manufactures this entire assortment in-house; at our own factory.

We possess all certificates required for the development and manufacturing of climbing material. All products meet mandatory Dutch and European standards.

Below, we have listed the certificates and standards that our organisation and products adhere to.

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There are the requirements our mobile scaffolds and room scaffolds meet

Besluit draagbaar klimmateriaal
Decree on portable climbing equipment

The government decree concerning regulation, composition, manufacturing and use of portable climbing equipment. This was determined by the legislator.

EN 1004
European standard

EN 1004 class III. The most important standard for mobile scaffolds. This standard describes the equipment, dimensions, loads, safety and performance requirements.

European standard

Room and mobile scaffolds must come with an intelligible user manual included. The manual must include: maximum assembly and permissible load, method of assembly and disassembly, handling of the scaffold and inspection.

A blad rolsteigers
mobile scaffolds

The Mobile Scaffolds A-sheet contains recommendations for making works involving mobile scaffolds as safe as possible. The A-sheet contains recommendations about work preparation, assembly, use phase, disassembly, storage and maintenance of mobile scaffolds.

Standards for ladders and stairs


The Warenwet [Commodities Act] states that ladders and stairs sold in the Netherlands must meet the requirements laid out in the Besluit Draagbaar Klimmaterieel [Decree on Portable Climbing Equipment].

EN 131
European standard

EN 131 is the European standard for stairs, ladders and folding ladders. The Arbowet [Working Conditions Act] already subjects the equipment to requirements. As a result, this standard is not mandatory in the Netherlands.

Dutch standard

The Dutch standard NEN 2484 states what standards stairs and ladders for professional use have to meet according to the Arbowet.

Own production

Certificaten en normeringen

A TÜV quality label proves that the product delivered complies with the latest quality requirements and is environmentally friendly and/or safe. A TÜV certificate requires the company to be assessed every year. Mobile scaffolds and room scaffolds by Euroscaffold are TÜV certified.

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