Top quality from the Netherlands

Euroscaffold rolsteigers
Mobile scaffolds

Indispensable for every professional: Euroscaffold.
The right scaffold for every job.
Can be extended in any desired composition.

Euroscaffold steigersaanhangers
Scaffolding trailers
Hot-dip galvanised Scaffold transporter®. With this trailer, every mobile scaffold is conveniently stored and ready for the next job.
Euroscaffold kamersteigers
Room scaffolding
Room scaffolds are available for jobs inside and outside the house. They fit through almost every doorway and in every small space. The lower part is foldable.
Euroscaffold ladders en trappen
Ladders & stairs
Made of durable aluminium. Quality you can rely on for years. Each ladder or stairway meets the strict requirements of the Commodities Act.

About Euroscaffold

Top quality from the Netherlands

Euroscaffold Netherlands produces and supplies professional aluminium mobile scaffolds, scaffold trailers, room scaffolds, ladders and stairs. Reliable and safe climbing material

Euroscaffold manufactures this entire assortment in-house; at our own factory. Each product is manually inspected and approved before it leaves our factory. In this way we have and maintain optimal control over the top quality we offer. From the beginning of the production process to delivery. Because we develop and manufacture our products in the Netherlands, we are the ultimate expert when it comes to requirements imposed by Dutch and European legislation.


Euroscaffold: scaffolding, room scaffolds, ladders & steps and scaffolding trailers


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